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The Top Best Decking Options

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

It is never late for planning your decking project.

What decking options are out in the market?

Exotic tropical hardwood


PVC /plastic decking

Natural Bamboo decking

#Aluminum decking

#Concrete wood imitation

Which natural decking is the most stable and durable?

MOSO Bamboo decking, ipe, teak have a life span of decades, but MOSO Bamboo is also the most stable, harder and resilient. It has 25-year warranty for a reason.

This horizontal fence unsupported corner has been standing straight for over 8 years in at a hotel in Spain.

Which decking material is more durable between composite and wood?

  • Natural #hardwood decking products can last as much or more than any composite products.

  • Hardwood can be sanded and refinished to maintain it's looks like new, as opposed to composite

  • #Naturaldecking can be sanded to fix any dents and keep it well maintained

Not all decking materials endure chlorine, hard or ocean water with such low clearance unless is MOSO Bamboo X-treme

Which decking is the most elegant and good looking? Composite vs wood vs bamboo?

  • Composite will never beat the beauty of the natural wood appearance and its elegance

  • Natural decking is versatile, as you can change its colour by staining it

  • Composite can't change its colour, so you are stuck with it

  • You cannot sand or fix composite when it gets stained or worn out by natural elements.

  • Natural uneven grains enhanced appearance is only possible with natural materials such as tropical wood and sustainable bamboo

Since tropical forests are in accelerated decline and it takes many decades for a tropical hardwood tree to grow, the most sustainable option is always bamboo. It is natural, grows in 5 years and is harvested, not killed. The appearance is absolutely beautiful.

Which decking option is more environmentally friendly?

  • #Composite may be made of plastic bags and is durable, but can it be recycled?

Even if they claim is a green product, it is extremely difficult separating the different components of composite, and there are no facilities to accept them. They need to separate its components, which is time and labor consuming. Also, it is a fact that only 9.1% of materials are trully recycled and will only last 2-3 times its recyclable properties. Natural #degradation of the plastic will end in the landfill. We need to be conscious about this and stop filling the earth with more plastic products.

  • The sustainable side of composite is using recycled plastic and a very small percentage of reclaimed wood, but what will happen at the end of a composite decking working life?

How sustainable is tropical hardwood?

Natural products are usually renewable, although not always sustainable, such as tropical hardwoods. Even if claiming they come from managed forests, tropical hardwood takes many decades for a tree to grow and consumption is faster than its growth. This is evident when seeing how the Amazon or Madagascar are being devastated every day at an alarming rate.

Which decking material is fireproof ?

Most tropical hardwoods are fire-resistant, but not proof. The best choice would be carbonized bamboo decking. The organic elements have been already carbonized making it so dense and organisms-free that it doesn't have burnable material.

Imagine in a hot sunny day, would you walk barefoot on composite decking, or would you rather do this on a natural material, which is less likely to absorb as much heat? Also think of a fire or a hot element falling on your deck, such as a BBQ or a fire pit. A composite material or softwood can easily burn and be a fire hazard.

Which decking is fireproof?

MOSO Bamboo X-treme is Class A fireproof, meaning that is a layer of protection for your home, specially if you use it as siding.

Yes, it is certified CLASS A, the maximum classification for fire-resistance used in California due to their increasing fires. MOSO Bamboo is very popular in this state partly for that reason.

What would you prefer on your house? bamboo decking fireproof or the other flammable alternatives?

Is MOSO Bamboo X-treme maintenance free?

It is low maintenance, but there is no material in this world that is maintenance free. You still need to clean it from debris, minerals and superficial mildew caused by the weather, as any other materials.

You can leave it to weather naturally to a grey-brown lighter colour that will happen gradually and depending on the sun exposure.

Can be lightly oiled like any hardwood after a full season to allow fibre to open, as it is a non porous product due to its high-density

Why is MOSO Bamboo X-treme decking beyond sustainable?

Naturally bamboo grows incessantly, and sequestrates 3 times more #CO2 than #tropicalhardwood, due to its incredible rapid growth.

Bamboo is harvested, as the plant will not get killed when cutting bamboo. It is a product that comes from the ground, serves for a lifetime, can be repurposed, and at the very end, used as biofuel or go back to the ground.

Taking in account manufacturing, transportation and the 9% glue used to put together the bamboo fibre, the product is still negative in CO2 production. No other product is even close as sustainable to MOSO Bamboo.

How durable is MOSO Bamboo decking?

MOSO Bamboo X-treme decking is extremely durable, stable, and resilient. It is backed by its 25-year warranty. It will last a lifetime when it is properly installed and maintained.

It is extremely resilient, because it is made with an engineered process that will result in a very #resistant product. The process kills every microorganism that may degrade the product by heating it at super high temperature, which will also remove water, making it very stable during changing seasons in different climates.

Engineers at MOSO Bamboo have taken care of researching the way for using bamboo and make it more resilient for decades. The results are MOSO Bamboo X-treme products. Used for #decking, #siding, #fencing, and so many other applications. With #endless possibilities, constrained only by #imagination.

  • How much is the price of Bamboo / MOSO Bamboo X-treme comparable to other decking materials?

MOSO Bamboo X-treme is comparable to a high-end composite material and half the price or less of the most exotic tropical hardwoods.

MOSO Bamboo X-treme has other applications such as siding and fencing.

  • What is the best decking option?

#MOSOBamboo X-treme is a beautiful #naturaldecking. It is extremely #stable and #resilient. It lasts for decades with a 25-year #warranty. Unquestionably #sustainable and #carbonnegative. Is is also a beautiful and #elegant material that will endure the elements of the #Pacific North West. You can now decide which product is best for you.

  • How to find more about bamboo decking or better MOSO Bamboo X-treme decking?


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