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Premium Natural Bamboo for Contemporary Architecture

Marriot "The Douglas" Vancouver
Design: Kenny Bolduc
Photo: Simon Duguid
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MOSO® Bamboo  

X-treme Products


The fast growth and abundant availability makes bamboo a perfect source for many applications in contemporary buildings and natural landscaping. The extreme stability achieves the maximum durability class for a natural decking. It has the beautiful appearance of hardwood while contributing to restore the environment.

MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® has the highest durability class, density and hardness. These qualities allow MOSO X-treme products to be fireproof Class A, the highest classification for commercial and residential.

Applying X-treme natural bamboo products prevents the heat reflection caused by the most common materials  (metals, plastics, and concrete) that is heating up the atmosphere causing rising temperatures.

Right on target for what is needed in construction. Going back to natural products will only not improve our health, but there is nothing that competes with the elegance of what nature offers.

It is incredible, but the more you use  bamboo products the faster you help the planet to recover lost ecosystems. Bamboo can grow in half of the planet, so it is totally possible.


And this is why:

1 0   X-treme Sustainable Benefits











To X-treme weather conditions

Hard, strong, and superior dimensional stability

Materials sourced from endangered ancient tropical trees

Harvested, growing relentlessly

Highest C02 sequestration due to its density and rapid growth

Lost tropical forests

Ecosystems for wildlife to come back

Soil with new nutrients

Communities with a genuine green industry

Growing and supplying us with endless source of material

Top X-treme Quality and Advantages








Beauty of  natural material with the unique bamboo grain


To fire without chemicals due to its high density/ Certified  Class A/ CAN ULC S102 the highest ranking

Of heat / Solar reflectance (ASTM E1980). Walk with confidence on hot days

And durable, extremely wear and impact resistant—making it ideal for high-traffic areas

Natural material that will connect you with nature



Flawless, easy installation and maintenance when keeping it natural

MOSO® Bamboo  X-treme Decking


MOSO® Bamboo  X-treme Siding

Contemporary architectural projects are increasingly being planned with sustainable and natural materials to reach net zero compliance and the natural bamboo siding accomplishes not only that, but also an outstanding natural look that will change colour into a beautiful brown-grey patina, an added value from mother nature; it enhances the appearance of modern structures.



​Bamboo for use in Wildland Urban Interface zones and WUI approved

MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking and Siding boards have been tested and approved for use in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones for commercial and domestic applications, thanks to the unique Thermo-Density® production process, the material is naturally fire resistant without fire retardants. 


Bamboo X-treme outdoor products for architectural applications, have the superior characteristics of tropical hardwood, with enduring quality, and naturally environmentally sustainable.

Certified in every aspect of sustainability, durability, and fire-resistant.

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