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Premium Natural Bamboo for Contemporary Architecture

Marriot "The Douglas" Vancouver
Design: Kenny Bolduc
Photo: Simon Duguid
Avid Contracting

MOSO® Bamboo  

Natural bamboo products specially thought for contemporary architects and designers to create sustainable innovative applications.


Designers looking for the superior characteristics of tropical hardwood, will be pleased and satisfied with the enduring quality and elegant beauty of MOSO Bamboo.

And this is why MOSO Bamboo gets specified all over the world:

Top Qualities of MOSO 

Radiant       Beauty of natural material with the unique and elegant bamboo grain

Resilient     Hard, strong, wear resistant, and superior dimensional stability

Resistant     To extreme weather, fire (Class A/ CAN ULC S102), and decay 

Reliable       Durability backed by 25 years warrenty  

Renewable    Growing incessantly; harvested and remaining alive

Regenerative Restoring degraded land, ecosystems, and capturing CO2 

Relentless     Source of material replacing hardwood from declining forests

Revitalizing  Comforting feel of natural bamboo in your feet and home atmosphere

MOSO® Bamboo Decking


MOSO® Bamboo Siding

Contemporary architectural projects are increasingly being planned with sustainable and natural materials to reach net zero compliance MOSO natural bamboo siding accomplishes not only that, but also a beautiful elegant natural look that will change colour into a brown-grey patina, an added value from mother nature that enhances the appearance of modern structures.


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