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MOSO® Bamboo

Outdoor Products

MOSO® Bamboo for biobased architectural projects. It is the only natural material that can replace endangered tropical wood, for its endurance, stability, and beauty.

Learn more about it with a course presentation from MOSO Bamboo in a lunch and learn.

This course presentation talks about the benefits of bamboo as a construction material, why ,and how it is as sustainable, and the reason for LEED credits granted by using this material. Download the course content below

Continuing Education Course

Booming Bamboo

The Sustainable Material with Endless Possibilities

MOSO® Bamboo’s course, Booming Bamboo, is approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

MOSO® provides an extensive bamboo-focused continuing education (CEU) program that allows architects to earn credits for certifications such as AIBC and AIA. Contact us via email to arrange a session at your architectural, and landscape design firm at

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