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MOSO Bamboo X-treme - Marriot The Douglas Hotel in Vancouver

This project was designed by Kenny Bolduc, built by Avid Contracting for the Marriot Hotel - The Douglas penthouse suite terrace overlooking BC Place Stadium, located in #Vancouver,BC.

Cedar planks were replaced after a few years of installation with MOSO X-treme #siding, #decking and #beams, giving it an outstanding and elegant look. It was installed in less than a week, due to a booked wedding deadline happening over the weekend, so time was of essence. They had to dismantle the old cedar planks and adapt vents with the new design. The easy installation helped to get things done right on time. Check this project MOSOvideo with the design explanation.

The easy to cut, perfectly straight, and stable boards was critical to be able to finish on time. MOSO X-treme is installed with the unique hidden asymmetric clips that allow quick assembling. The end matching system allows for continues any size boards. Each board is six feet which made transportation to the top floor a breeze, just in the service elevator. There was no need to lift anything from the outside of the building.

The unique dark and lighter brown #bamboo fibres grain beautiful look make this project absolutely stunning, fitting for the Marriot The Douglas penthouse suite.

Pools and Hot tubs Applications

Other projects have been done for the #Marriot in other parts of the world, such as Spain. This previous project used MOSO X-treme for their pool. MOSO X-treme, a low maintenance material, is ideal for around the pool, hot tubs, lakes, even the ocean. The only maintenance needed is cleaning the minerals and green mold formation sitting on top of the material, specially in rainy places, such like in BC.

When installed it will look like the superior right pictures and after a season or two, the boards will gracefully #weather to a beautiful brown-grey patina, just like you see on the other pictures.

#MOSO Bamboo X-treme is ideal for #poolapplications. It is so stable and resilient that allows very low clearance, not possible with most #hardwoods. Its #durability is certified as the highest in its class, as well as the fire rating, without any chemicals allowing a safe use in #commercialprojects.

You have the choice to oil it like any hardwood, if you wish to change its appearance.

Contact us for your project. We can help with your #deckdesign, #pooldesign and #deckinstallation with our expert partners experienced working with #MOSOBambooXtreme.

For details of how to maintain MOSO Bamboo X-treme, here is a video of how to do it:


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